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DataPath, Inc. Trailblazer Sales Slicks 2016

As part of our “All Trailblazers Leave a Path” marketing theme, I created letter-sized sales slicks for each line of service with an outdoor adventure touch that translated across websites, postcards, banners, etc. Even though each slick featured a different type of outdoor adventure environment, it was important that they all felt part of the same family in the event they would all be featured at once, say at a tradeshow event.


Summit_Product_Slick_050316-1 Retiree_Billing_Product_Slick_042216-1 RenewCard_Product_Slick_041916-1 RelianceCard_Product_Slick_050316b-1 Provider_Payments_Product_Slick_050316-1 Payment_Solutions_Product_Slick_050316-1 HSAToday_Product_Slick_041916-1 Direct_Customized_Billing_Product_Slick_041916-1 COBRA_State_Cont_Product_Slick_041916-1 BPO_Product_Slick_041916-1 Billing_Solutions_Product_Slick_041916-1 BeneCards_Product_Slick_041916-1