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DataPath, Inc. Employee Engagement Comics – Captain Contributor

Is it a bird? A plane? A flying tax man?!? After a sequence of freakishly unlucky events, a once meek tax man is transformed into a super hero! Captain Contributor’s origin story and his mission to help people save on their taxes is out of this world. And what’s with that form-fitting leotard?

In an effort to increase employee engagement during the Open Enrollment Benefits season, our Marketing department has developed a Superhero-themed comic character to enhance the enrollment experience with videos, comics, ad-specialty items, and social media content.


I created the the Captain Contributor character and supporting graphics for the comics and videos with a general superhero-parody in mind, the comical spin has proved to be successful with improving employee interest and knowledge in benefit resources such as HSA, FSA, and Dependent Care Accounts.

Clients are given opportunity to purchase comics and other materials through an online portal at captaincontributor.com, including a custom printed media kit with lots of fun extras to improve their Employee Benefit meetings.