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The Cottage on Gravity Hill – Photoshop Illustration

This is another in the Gravity Hill series, The Cottage on Gravity Hill.

Gravity Hill is a place where fantastic and unusual things occur, and gravity itself isn’t taken for granted. The theme is inspired by a bridge my friends and I would frequent in Mulberry, Arkansas.It was well known as Gravity Bridge amongst the local high school kids, and was one of a few things you could do on a Friday night.

The ritual required stopping your car full of friends at the bottom of the bridge (with I-40 buzzing below, you could hear the traffic, though there were no exits on this overpass). With the car off, the driver lets the brake loose. The car responds by rolling seemingly up the hill, and over to the other side with no engine. It was especially fun and not as dangerous as it may seem to worried parents. 😉