DataPath, Inc. Insurance Payment Solutions Event Follow up Direct Mail Cards

In order to make follow up calls on prospective clients met through various events, salespeople and marketing need a Trailblazer themed contact card that invites the prospect to learn more and even request a demo of the product, reinforcing the brand identity and providing contact information. The use of hand cursive fonts creates a warm[…]


DataPath, Inc. Product Showcase 2017 Booklet Direct Mail

Continuing the Trailblazer theme into 2017 with a fresh new look, we have an updated Product Showcase highlighting the various lines of service important this year. Various versions of the showcase are prepared for the business managers by line of service, so that the booklet is tailored to the sales pitch and interest of the[…]


DataPath, Inc. Testimonial Prospect Direct Mail Folded Card

This is a great piece that continues the Trailblazer-look from other pieces into a Client Testimonial set to a “Stories around the campfire” theme. The colorful campfire setting echoes the colors and landscapes from product sales slicks and marketing pieces, and contains stylized campfire icons that help tie the whole thing together. Combine the rich[…]


DataPath, Inc. Connections / Best Practices Conferences 2017 Las Vegas

This year’s DataPath, Inc. Connections / Best Practices Conferences 2017 are located in Las Vegas at the beautiful Monte Carlo Resort Casino, so the graphics have to be thrilling and encourage clients to buy into the Vegas excitement. All collateral has a Las Vegas skyline theme, with vector illustrations of the classic casino advertising signs surrounded[…]


DataPath, Inc. Trailblazers Company Meeting 2017

For the DataPath, Inc. 2017 Company Meeting, we wanted some special graphics to mark the evolving Trailblazers theme, and the Marketing team had some specific ideas to fulfill. We did two T-Shirt designs, a warm and a cool, and all presentation materials included supporting graphics. Company T-Shirt Design & Company Meeting Agenda Layout  


DataPath, Inc. Company Digital Wallpapers

I have created Photoshop composites for company wallpapers which reinforce a then, new brand mark, while using an interesting design method known as “knolling”. The obvious goal, to have a wallpaper that fits each season and is a little more festive than the usual corporate blue with logo.


DataPath Summit Video Demo Direct Mail

This is an interesting project that isn’t your everyday print job. The card is shipped charged and loaded with product demo videos, and designed with a custom wrap that fits DataPath’s Trailblazer theme. The card is wrapped with a seamless photo-composite mountain landscape scene created in photoshop.  When the client opens the card, they are[…]


DataPath, Inc. Best Practices 2015-16 Hand-Lettered Chalkboard Theme

Benefit Administration software conferences need a little artistic flair to help keep things interesting.  The hand-lettered chalkboard theme was so popular in 2015, it was requested again in 2016 by several presenters. Review Conference Agenda Website Review Conference Agenda Website      


DataPath, Inc. Customer Engagement Basketball Set

Salesmen typically love sports, and ours are no different, so it was a no-brainer that they’d really enjoy this March Madness promotional gift item. The design was a big hit with clients and prospects that, and was proven to be a fun distraction in many a break room. The logo and campaign slogan are featured[…]


DataPath, Inc. Trailblazer Theme 2016

In 2016 I was instrumental in developing the creative theme for cross-platform marketing, fitting the newly developed slogan “All Trailblazers Leave a Path”. The large project impacted the look and energy of most of our future collateral for sales and marketing, and required the entire team’s professional abilities to execute.  

DataPath, Inc. Company Meeting 2016 Collateral

DataPath, Inc. Company Meeting 2016 Collateral

2016 marked an important year for DataPath, and we brought in the new business year with a company wide meeting. All out of state employees attended and there were a lot unfamiliar faces, so a strong company message and appearance was super important. As part of the teambuilding, I designed a hand tailored text treatment[…]


DataPath Infographics: The 21st Century Cures Act: An Infographic

Infographics can really save a project from going stale and boring due to a very dry subject matter that most people just don’t want to read about, like healthcare laws, or employee benefits for example. Target audience participation is greatly increased with interesting infographics and useful data over plain text, and thus, less likely to[…]


DataPath, Inc. Website Graphics, Icons, Banners

The DataPath website needed the Trailblazer touch as well, and in 2017 a whole new set of custom flat stylized icons. The flat stylized icons have a timeless and modern feel fitting for a technology company, and contrast well with the exciting trailblazer outdoor photography. Also featured in small detail is the tri-tone color palette[…]


DataPath Custom Holiday Ribbon Letterform Postcards & Email Header

DataPath sends a “Merry Christmas” card every year, and when we are not supporting Children’s Hospital, I like to create a custom design. Nothing says holidays like a snowy backdrop and a custom ribbon letterform with a dusting of snow on top, followed by a cheery New Year’s greeting.  


DataPath Summit – ‘Let’s talk over Coffee’ Scented Postcards

Here is a prime example of how a custom illustrated typeface can liven up a simple invite postcard. We wanted to provide some incentive for sales prospects who had attended webinars to discuss our software – by offering free Starbucks gift cards! To highlight this event, we created coffee-scented postcards and greeting cards.   Review The[…]


DataPath Event Signage & Banners

Be it special after-hours conference events, seminars or corporate sales meetings – it’s imperative to have suitable signage, banners, branding that reinforces the corporate image. Customized and themed collateral are far more enjoyable and memorable than generic corporate mainstays. These clients attend a lot of these sorts of events, and there is a lot of competition,[…]


DataPath Provider Payments & RenewCard Sales Slicks

There are times when a slick, professionally generic look is required for certain venues or products, and you must rely on classic stock photos of smiling doctors – considering the audience. So when salesmen request a specific look to compete in a certain area, turning out a sharper look than competitors is a must – which[…]


DataPath, Inc. Tradeshow Booth & Collateral

Every event where DataPath exhibits needs an attention-getting tradeshow booth, signage, collateral and giveaways. The more inviting the booth, the more foot traffic, which means more leads and happier salesmen. In 2016, DataPath expanded our event marketing presence with new booth designs in a variety of sizes to meet all the needs and budgets for[…]


DataPath, Inc. Product Showcase 2016

The DataPath 2016 Product Showcase is a stylish way to highlight all lines of service. The glossy rich-black pages are invited and say high-value, and the exciting adventure-themed graphics balance keep the readers interested while supporting our Trailblazers marketing plan theme. Review DataPath 2016 Showcase Layout


DataPath, Inc. Trailblazer Sales Slicks 2016

As part of our “All Trailblazers Leave a Path” marketing theme, I created letter-sized sales slicks for each line of service with an outdoor adventure touch that translated across websites, postcards, banners, etc. Even though each slick featured a different type of outdoor adventure environment, it was important that they all felt part of the[…]


DataPath Administrative Services Employee Benefit Education Series

DataPath Administrative Services went on the road in 2016 and presented educational seminars on employee benefits. For invitations, emails, postcards and other collateral I designed a geodesic diamond refraction pattern that could be repeated and personalized for each location. Landscapes and urban views worked especially well in the refracted pattern, and made for a very[…]


DataPath, Inc. 2015 Conference Tour “Travel Americana” Theme

For the 2015 Conference season I developed a “Travel Americana” theme that could fit for any state or event, and across all areas of focus. The travel theme culminated to a similar style and text treatment at the 2015 DataPath Connections Conference in Florida, featuring an art deco element much like the hotel venue hosting[…]


RenewCard Card Mailer and Cardholder Benefits Postcard

Every new client on the RenewCard program receives the physical debit card, as well as supporting materials and various collateral. It’s important that all materials have the same personality and appropriate branding. Any materials coming from Support or Sales must be redesigned to fit all the current marketing material, and match the collateral received with[…]

Edgeware Diamond Edge Electric Knife Sharpener Packaging

Edgeware Housewares Packaging Line

I have been lucky to work on some great packaging designs such as Edgeware’s line of sharpeners and housewares. Edgeware produces some great kitchen tools and sharpeners, and together with Minshall & Minshall Creative, and with Mark Matthews of North Little Rock on photography, we produced an entire line of complimentary top-tier retail packaging. These[…]


The Cottage on Gravity Hill – Photoshop Illustration

This is another in the Gravity Hill series, The Cottage on Gravity Hill. Gravity Hill is a place where fantastic and unusual things occur, and gravity itself isn’t taken for granted. The theme is inspired by a bridge my friends and I would frequent in Mulberry, Arkansas.It was well known as Gravity Bridge amongst the local[…]

Nuns on the Bus 2013

Nuns on the Bus 2013 – Campaign Artwork

The Nuns on the Bus campaign continued this year, focusing on pushing immigration reform. I worked with Minshall & Minshall Creative to refresh the bus wrap artwork and signage for 2013. The NOTB Bus was recently featured on CNN and MSNBC, it’s so great to see designs I contributed to on national media getting attention[…]


Smith’s Edgesport 2013 Catalog – Page Layout

Retail brochure page layout for Smith’s Consumer Products. Smith’s is located in Hot Springs, Arkansas is produces abrasive knife sharpeners and other sporting goods. Photography provided by Mark Matthews of North Little Rock. Creative provided by Minshall & Minshall Creative. Catalogs such as this require a lot of hands to produce a high quality product,[…]

Smith's Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener Packaging

Smith’s Adjustable Knife Sharpeners Packaging

Smith’s Consumer Products produces an attractive line of knife sharpeners, and recently added a new product to their Pro Series line of Sharpeners that are adjustable, allowing you change the angle of the blade sharpener. I produced packaging designs for the electric and manual sharpeners with Minshall & Minshall Creative, and photographer Mark Mathews, and[…]

Holiday in the Heights Ad - Photoshop Illustration_JobyMiller

Holiday in the Heights – Magazine Ad

Here is an example where digital painting and photoshop skills really come in handy. I photographed the sign in The Heights (Little Rock, Arkansas) in order to create a frosty winter backdrop to advertise holiday specials for Thinc Marketing, Inc.

Edgeware - School of the Edge Email Invite

Edgeware 2012 Catalog Page Layout

Catalogs are always a great deal of work, and such a feat requires page layout, photoshop, illustration, copy editing, photography, etc. I usually do a little bit of everything when it comes to a project like this, and it requires Marketing agents, Photographers, Creative Directors, Graphic Designers, Executive input, Printers. Lots of fingers are in[…]